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How to order On the item page, simply click the link in the lower right corner “Click to order” and then fill out the form. Within 48 hours you will receive an order confirmation that details your order.  Please carefully look over the copy that will be imprinted on the item, and let us know ASAP if any changes need to be made. We need your approval of the artwork before printing can begin.   How is your order billed to you? New payment procedure effective Jan 1, 2017~ Once you have received our shipment, we will contact you to make sure the merchandise meets with your approval.  If you are satisfied, we will send out an invoice which requests payment directly to Lever Advertising.  Your payment options will be: 1.  Credit card (VISA, Master Card or American Express) 2.  Payment by check.   Once we have received the payment funds, we shall send you a paid receipt which can be presented to the Auto-Owners Advertising Deptartment for reimbursement under the terms of their current co-op program. How do you return merchandise that does not meet your expectations? Please telephone us to alert us of this situation.  We will arrange for return transportation of the shipment at our expense. You will be credited for the quantity returned. More questions?  Use the email form below for other inquiries.
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