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Everyday Pens
Minimum quantity - 200 @ $1.99 each
Sprinkler Rain Gauge / A home owner’s favorite!
Why choose this Rain Gauge? Our rain gauge is popular gift because it allows your clients to measure the amount of water that is being delivered to their lawn or garden - be it by rain or garden sprinkler.  A Money Saver -During the warmer months, water can be an expensive commodity, and your clients will want to limit the amount of water they use.  Our gauge can help to prevent costly over-watering. Environmentally friendly -Our gauge is made from bio-recycled plastic. Gift boxed -Individual boxes make it even better for gift giving purposes. Delivery - up to 30 days
Exact size: 6 3/4” by 3 3/8” Tubes are sturdy plastic for durability
ORDER NOW each 1.99 $
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Lawn & Garden Raingauge
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